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Help your children take their maths skills to the next level with fun quizzes that simplify maths ideas and rocket boost grades.
Maths made easy

1000s of Maths Skills Tests at Your Fingertips

Get your child one step ahead with instant access to the types of comprehensive maths tests and materials that teachers use in class to assess your child.
  • Practice maths skills tests time and time again;
  • No two tests the same;
  • Available in printable and online quiz form;
  • All questions based on recognised schemes of work.
  • Place value;
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division;
  • Fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Geometry and measurement;
  • Problem solving and consolidation
  • Aligns with national curriculum requirements for maths
  • Focus on a variety of schemes including White Rose Maths
  • Tips and tricks for problem solving;
  • Free posters and worksheets;
  • Fun videos that make maths simple to understand.

A recipe for success

Yes, there are plenty of maths apps and games out there. However, Maths Launch is different.

We provide you with access to the tests and assessments that are actually being used in the school setting. This simple approach enables you to help your child practice the skills they will actually be tested on.

It's simple. But it works.
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One Membership for Every Year Group

We offer maths skills checks and sample assessments in line with National Curriculum requirements for every KS1 and KS2 year group. Pay a one-off membership fee of just £25.00 and access all the materials on Maths Launch as and when you need for life.
~ 6 weeks to 1 year

Free Sample Skills Checks

Still not convinced? Try out one of our free sample maths skills check quizzes now!
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Primary maths.

Schools tend to teach children maths on a topic by topic basis. However, end of term and end of year assessments test their knowledge of multiple skills at once. By preparing your child for maths skills checks, you give them the experience and aptitudes to apply what they have learned in the format it takes to be successful.

Simply complete one assessment a week and review any incorrect answers and your child’s maths results will significantly improve.

Our assessments are randomly generated from thousands of skill-based questions that are curriculum and age appropriate for each year group. You will never encounter the same skills check twice. As such, you can rest assured your child has access to a comprehensive repository of assessments. 

Join Maths Launch and you will have access to all our tests, tools, and resources for all year groups to use as and when you please.

These tests have made a huge difference to my child. She has grown in confidence and started to understand the basic tricks involved in applying maths skills to solve problems. We do one test a week and she has progressed by two levels at school in just one term.

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meeting your child's needs

We're not just qualified teachers. We're parents too. As such, we know a thing or two about what works for children... and what doesn't.


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